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Contact Lenses And Makeup: 10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

From the primer’s application to the foundation: here are the rules to follow not to have makeup problems if you wear contact lenses.

Contact Lenses And Makeup: 10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

If you wear contact lenses often, you will find it useful to know the basic rules for problem-free makeup. If you have always wondered which products are best avoided and instead, there is the green light, and you have to read our ten rules.

1- Contact lenses should be put on before putting on makeup

Not all of them succeed, but putting on contact lenses before makeup is recommended. This will allow you to have a clearer vision and not to dirty the lenses. Wearing them later could also cause tearing and consequently ruin your makeup. There are also cosmetic lenses available in the market that are used to enhance eyes. You can check Dahab, Freshlook or Bella contact lenses price in Pakistan to find affordable contact lenses to enhance your eye makeup.

2- Better to remove the lenses before removing makeup

Before taking off your makeup, it is best to remove your lenses, as the makeup could run into the eye and cause irritation.

3- Beware of mascara

Using a mascara with nylon fibers is not recommended for contact lens wearers. The product drying tends to form grains that could end up in the eyes and deposit on the lenses, causing redness and irritation.

4- Avoid waterproof products

Their oily formulation is not suitable for contact lens wearers. Waterproof products leave residues on the lenses that could obstruct the tear duct.

5- Use pressed powder products

When you prefer powders or non-cream foundations, it is better to choose compact powder products, and this is because this prevents the powders from dispersing into the air and ending up in the eyes, irritating.

6- Avoid makeup in the internal rhyme

If you want to outline the eyes with a pencil or eyeliner, it is best to apply them only in the outer lines. To avoid the makeup of the internal rhyme in order not to create possible inflammation and redness.

7- Pay attention to deadlines

This is a very important rule that applies to everyone, but even more so for those who wear contact lenses. All cosmetics have an expiration date that must be respected to avoid possible skin reactions.

8- Avoid coarse-grained eyeshadows

Shimmer and pearlescent eyeshadows are gorgeous but are careful if their texture is coarse, it is better to avoid them. The micro granules in the eyeshadow powder could irritate the eyes and get trapped on the contact lens.

9- Replace mascara often

Mascara is one of those products that are most in contact with the eye, so it must be replaced often to avoid bacterial conjunctivitis.

10- Day use of gel emulsions and primers

If you use gel emulsions, such as eye contour or primer, it is best to apply them only during the day, during the night there is a risk that they will run inside the eye irritating it and making it difficult to use the contact lens in the morning.

A general rule …

Beyond these precious indications, there is a fundamental rule to consider, especially when using monthly contact lenses: respect the deadline. If the daily lenses must be changed daily, in fact, the monthly ones have a longer wearing time and – properly rinsed and stored in the appropriate solution – can be used for four weeks. However, the health of your eyes needs to respect this deadline.

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