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Unfortunately, or fortunately for others, teeth are important to any person’s business card, regardless of gender or activity field. A smile with all the heart and all the teeth is essential and often helps us overcome some stages in our personal and professional lives. We make a good impression at interviews, at meetings, we become more credible when we have something to say.

Therefore, dental care is very important, especially if genetic inheritance leaves much to be desired.

According to all statistics, we brush our teeth once a day and no more than 2 minutes. Starting from here, it is clear that it is much more usual to choose an electric toothbrush. The main reason is convenience, and the second reason is efficiency. Not for nothing, but the electric toothbrush works harder than us, cleans our teeth more efficiently, and it is easier for us to mobilize to keep the rhythm of dental hygiene than brushing our teeth after every meal.

The main factors to consider when choosing our toothbrush


These are electric toothbrushes that use rechargeable or straightforward alkaline batteries or non-removable batteries in the handle. The ones with batteries are more comfortable and more efficient. Another advantage of battery brushes is that being rechargeable by magnetic induction, they can be used safely, even in the shower.

Pressure indicator

For proper dental hygiene, you need a firm brushing and gentle at the same time, not to hurt your teeth or gums. If too much pressure is put on the teeth, there is an acoustic or visual indicator that signals this.

Electric toothbrush charging time and service life

The current battery technology is advanced enough to allow the electric toothbrush operation 2-3 times a day for about a week. Besides, there is a visual indicator of battery life.

Brush programs

There are various brushing programs designed for different situations: for sensitive teeth, for gum massage, for teeth whitening, for a deeper cleaning or others. A good idea would be a multi-program brush.

2 minutes, the time recommended by dentists for brushing teeth


Seemingly unimportant, it helps a lot to respect the minimum brushing time and, therefore, to correct use. Once we start using an electric toothbrush with a stopwatch and brushes our teeth for at least 2 minutes per hour, we will realize that we failed to do so most of the time we use a standard toothbrush. And I was not reaching the optimal brushing time.

Brush head sterilizer

Some brushes have an ultra-violet sterilizer for disinfecting brush heads. It is essential to have this sterilizer because brushing wet ends can become the right place for the development of bacteria – bacteria have a significant role in forming tartar.


It is a not negligible factor. A lower price is more convenient, but at the same time, it means a lower endowment. As with other products, the price of electric toothbrushes is often inversely proportional to their quality.

Brushing technology

Brushing technology is the most important feature for choosing a toothbrush and is available in two variants:

→ the Oscillating-rotating brushing technology is used by Oral-B, which ensures an efficient cleaning at 40,000 pulses and 8800 oscillations per minute.

Sonicare technology from Philips, which ensures efficient cleaning at 31000 pulses/minute.

Regardless of the electric toothbrush you choose, don’t forget to change the brush head every three months.

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