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How to do Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance?

Choosing the right lawn mower for your garden can be a tough choice. There are many factors that one needs to consider before buying a lawn mower for garden or yard. There can be soo many minute details that you have to be careful about. Some of the factors that you must know in order to do riding lawn mower maintenance are as following,

Rotating blades of lawn mower

To choose the best riding lawn mower for steep hills, you need to focus on the rotating blades of lawn mower. The rotating blade is the heart of the lawnmower and an important factor for the maintenance of lawn mower. If it is dull or damaged by stones, the cuts on the blade of grass will be very unclean. A blunt knife is more likely to tear off the grass and not cut it smoothly. This injures the blade of grass, the lawn has to put more effort into the regeneration of the interface and thus saves when building a lush green lawn. The knife should therefore be sharpened at the beginning of each season or after collisions with stones. If the cut surface is more severely damaged, repairing it is usually not worthwhile; then only changing the blade will help.

Skilled craftsmen can sharpen the knife pf the rotating blades of the lawn mowers by themselves in spring. However, we recommend having this done by a specialist dealer. Improper grinding can result in imbalances – similar to car tires. As a result of these imbalances, the knife later rotates unevenly when mowing because it still breaks out at the top and bottom. This puts unnecessary stress on the engine mount and increases its wear. In addition, the quality of the cut suffers.

Check the levers and put oil

Next to keep the check on your riding lawn mower maintenance, you need to check that all levers can be moved and that the grease inside the Bowden cables has not hardened during the winter days. According to, if the levers are difficult to move, a splash of oil on the joints and in the Bowden cable will usually help. After a few slight movements on the lever, the oil should be distributed in the pulls and everything should be able to move again.

Clean the grass catcher and cutting deck

If the grass catcher is not completely made of textile fabric, it has ventilation slots on the side and on the back . You can easily clean the slots with an old dish brush. Because only when the air blown in by the riding lawn mower can escape freely, the clippings will land cleanly in the grass catcher. 

Now comes the area under the lawnmower, the so-called cutting deck. Grass clippings tend to stick under the lawnmower, especially when they are damp, and harden there. You have to remove this buildup as part of the care. Otherwise it can quickly happen that the moisture from the lawn attacks the metal of the lawn mower and it starts to rust. The same goes for the suspension!

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