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The cold season is fast approaching. To keep the cold away, it is essential to make sure that your immune system is ready to fight.

How to protect yourself from the flu and cold?

1. Echinacea – gets rid of colds naturally

Echinacea is one of the best natural products for boosting immunity. Natural products based on echinacea are highly sought after in the fall because those who discovered this solution refuse to let the cold and flu take them by surprise.

Echinacea, a plant used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years, is a complex mix of active substances, many of which have a strong antibacterial effect.

Over ten specialized studies published only in 2014 found that this plant has beneficial effects in:

  • cold and flu
  • gingivitis
  • prevention of infections
  • acne

Echinacea is a natural remedy that must be used responsibly. Cures longer than two weeks without consulting a doctor are not recommended. 

2. Detoxification to strengthen immunity

The number of recommendations for detoxification treatments increases from year to year. This type of cure is designed to strengthen the body, eliminate toxins, and, last but not least, increase immunity.

Increasing immunity means more excellent resistance to colds and flu. Choose to follow a detoxification treatment this season, and you will enjoy late autumn without worrying about napkins or nose drops.

The most effective detoxification treatments for the cold season are rich in vitamin C. Why? 

Because Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that keep colds at bay, introduce citrus fruits, and lots of green vegetables in your diet, and you will feel better, and the cold will not dare to approach.

For a guaranteed effect, add a few hours of walking outdoors so that your skin can absorb vitamin D from the sun.

 3. Vitamins for a healthy body

Last but not least, a few weeks of treatment with multivitamins work wonders for boosting immunity. Multivitamins and minerals provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for a ready-to-fight immune system at any time. The chosen multivitamins must contain extra vitamin D and vitamin C during the cold period, important factors in increasing immunity.

Because multivitamins are natural products, they have no side effects and are released without a prescription. In addition to boosting immunity, multivitamin supplements help maintain concentration and increase energy levels.

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